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We make medicine a lot less yucky!

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How Does FLAVORx Work?

Children’s medications generally come in only one flavor from the drug manufacturer. But think about how many flavour choices our kids have for...

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FLAVORx 42 Different Flavour Combinations

“The better the flavour, and the more choice the child has results in greater compliance and happier parents” Assoc. Prof R. Guibert

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Compliance - It's Not Just A Human Issue

FLAVOPET is a new compliance tool used by Veterinarians to assist animals totake their medicine successfully

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Ora-Plus, Ora-Sweet, Ora-Sweet SF

Ideal for Paediatric, Geriatric & Naso-gastric formulations

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FlavoPet - For The Pet Owner

The FLAVOPET Veterinary System is backed by an unsurpassed safety record that includes over 51 million prescriptions that have been flavoured, without a single instance of allergic reaction

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The Pediatric System.



The Veterinary System


Symple Syrup

A Tasty Syrup


Cherry Syrup

Cherry Flavoured Syrup